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We have designed a program aimed at children, youth and adults with the goal of achieving physical, psychological and social development.

With the introduction of the equine, we search to create a connection with the user to awake interest and motivation and to complement special educational and / or therapeutic needs.

We have calm and suitable equines for carrying out contact and riding activities always accompanied individually and directing the intervention to their own interests and needs in the most natural and respectful way.

Our program consists of:

-Presentation of the horse and contact to create a link. At this point we try to create a connection between the user and the equine by developing sensory capacity.

-We begin interacting with the horse giving the opportunity to undertake responsibilities on him through handling such as showering, brushing, braiding the mane, making hooves ... among other actions.

-Next we equip riders and amazons with vest and helmet to make the ride; the horse has the appropriate equipment to give maximum comfort and safety to the user.
To facilitate the climb on the horse we have an ergonomic ramp.

-On individual we start the activities on track.
The activities that are carried out are flipping with the horse, we make circuits with colored materials such as cones, bars and ropes, we touch the horseball ball and play with bows of different dimensions among other elements that help us interact with the user .

-We continue the rest of activities with ponies.
We make the relevant presentation of the ponies to the users and start contact activities without mounting.
We will do short walks around the equestrian area like pastures for the pony and gain confidence to proceed to the realization of circuits inside the track on foot.

-To finish, we take out the equipment to the horses and ponies and return them to their respective paddock or stable rewarding the animal with snacks, dry bread or fruit.

In order to carry out this program, we have the facilities adapted for people with limitation of the locomotor system. All services, local, stables and other elements are at the same level without stops or ramps that can prevent access.

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