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Can Costa Equestrian Center is a center attached to the Equestrian Catalan Federation that was created with the purpose of creating a riding center around the world of horse.
Located in a privileged environment, our region is well known for the natural setting of the Pla de l'Estany where Banyoles Lake is located.

We train our riders in Horseball, Dressage and Jumping.
Hípica Can Costa specializes in the discipline of Horseball, a type of riding similar to rugby with horse. We have teams of all ages available and we compete in the Catalan Horseball League in several categories.

Thanks to our geographical position, we organize horse ridings throughout Pla de l'Estany including the well-known paths that surround L'Estany de Banyoles.

Our values ​​are based on respect, harmony and love towards the horse. Equitation is for growth and development at personal level, which makes its as an unique sport.


We train our riders in Horseball, Dressage and Jumping.

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Training aimed at those who want to start practicing equestrian sports and get acquainted with the world of the horse.

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Activities for children of all ages and levels with ponies and / or horses.

EXTRACURRICULAR during the working week.

PONY GAMES, Summer, Christmas and Easter CAMPUS.


Games with ponies that helps riders and amazons to develop their physical, sociability and level of riding in the most fun and motivating way. combine many elements of classical riding with basic skills, and with attitudes and values ​​that help the holistic development of our riders and Amazons.

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Casal de d'Estiu 2023

No saps què fer durant les vacances d'estiu? Vols divertir-te envoltat dels nostres ponis? 

A l'Hípica Can Costa organitzem un casalet per passar els dies de festa de la millor manera!​

Inscripcions a:


180€/month + VAT

217,80€/month VAT included

220€/month +iva

266,20€/month VAT included

Box of 3x3 meters with shavings bed, automatic drinker
Individual outdoor paddock with drinking fountain. The horses are separated by fences but close to other equines so they do not lose contact.
Two rations of forage / straw, morning and afternoon.
Two rations of feed, morning and afternoon.
We clean daily several times a day to obtain maximum comfort.

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Give an experience


Can Costa has many proposals and horseback routes in the natural setting of the Pla de l'Estany.
Our location allows us a wide variety of horse tours where you can enjoy the experience of the equine world, visiting idyllic places where you can only reach with the horse.


Excursions can take several lengths and can be individual or group.

At the backs of experienced horses in this discipline, you will enjoy truly unique natural landscapes.

Weekend Pack Can Costa

Pack 350€/couple VAT included

Duration 2 days / Weekend

Horse routes + Hotel

Do you want an exciting and special weekend surrounded by horses and nature, full of activities and excursions on horseback and end with a relaxing stay in an idyllic setting? WE HAVE IT!

We have many accommodation options in rural houses, hotels, outdoor activities and other options, click on more information to access all weekend plans.


Our facilities extend to the village of Cornellà de Terri just 20 minutes from Girona and 5 minutes from Banyoles.

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