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The Horseball is a game that faces two teams of four players in each side (plus two reserves of each team) that have to collect from the ground, without disassembling, a ball that through a set of passages and defenses, has to enter in baskets vertically arranged at the ends of the field.

It is a skillful mix of basketball, rugby and riding. The goal is reach the highest number of goals in the vertical baskets of the opposing team.

This discipline stands out due to its spectacularity, the speed of movement of each player with his horse and the peculiarity of collecting the ball without lowering the horse every time that it falls to the ground.

There are several categories of ages:

Pussins (8 to 10 years old), Benjamins (10 to 12 years old), Kadets (12 to 14 years old), Juvenile (15 to 17 years old), and Senior. In Catalonia there is a First and a Second Senior Division.

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