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The Galops are the Riders Training programs, based on the Galops Program established by the RFHE that consists of nine levels of fitness and knowledge of horse riding techniques, handling and care of horses, in the three stages of sports training: Initiation, Improvement and Specialization.

At Costa Can Costa we have technical examiners that are recognized by the RFHE and the FCH, and are in possession of their corresponding Sports License. Our Club is Federated, Certified and Registered in the Registry of Entities of the General Secretary of Sports.

Having Galops will allow you to establish the levels of acquired capacity and will be used to have a theoretical and practical training for riding, obtain a competition license and, for that reason, participate in the competitions of the different disciplines and demonstrate , by means of the document acreditativo, your equestrian knowledge.

To obtain the Galops you must pass the exam and be in possession of the corresponding Federal License for the current year, if this is not the case; at the Can Costa Equestrian Center will process it.

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